God Fearing Woman In Progress

In my infant days of walking with Christ I would hear the words a “God Fearing Woman” that jingled in my ears and made me want to jump into being those words. But there was one problem. I really did not know what it meant. I mean it is not like you can go to the Bible and look the word up and find the definition for a baby that just babbles. However, regardless of not knowing I just kept striving everyday to obey what I knew God wanted from me.

With countless sermons heard and articles read, it took over a good 10 year plus time, I finally fully grasp what being a God fearing woman means. Now don’t think all the articles and sermons did the trick because while they helped and kept me moving forward the truth is just this weekend as I was spending time with God it all FINALLY made 💯 sense to me.

So here it is….To fear God is to begin with His wisdom and the knowledge of Jesus Christ that comes from the Bible is a look in how all this is to be played out. (See my verse I found this down there 👇 😁)

Y’all as I type this I feel stupid, like yeah, duh, Wendy, it is pretty obvious. That is very true. But how many times have you ran across a scripture and realized you were not living according to what it said even though you have heard sermons and read about it? Maybe you were doing your best to live out what you know you should. Then one day you come across a scripture that pulls it all together and ceases all questionable thoughts and actions you have been struggling with for a while even though you were still walking in faith with God.

Today, I stand ready to give a confident answer to anyone that has this same question I have had for years. So bring them on God. 😊