Missing Parts

Do you ever read a verse and remember just parts of the verse then wonder why your prayers are not being answered? For example on the below verse I remember “Be anxious for nothing but in prayer about everything let your request be known to God.”

I have done this countless times. It can even lead unbelief to rise in me because the Word of God is just not showing to be powerful in my life. But what I have learned is usually if the Word of God is turning void in my life I have not read the scripture in full.

Like in this verse God tells us to be anxious for nothing instead we are to pray, pray repeatedly on the matter, and thanksgiving goes with it. Then when we do these three things God is able to do His part. But if we leave half out we are only leaving a part out that is crucial to the process.

When my unbelief is becoming bigger than my belief this is one of the things I do I revisit scripture and read them daily. As I read them parts of the scriptures that I left out in my life start to become clear to me, allowing correction to take place and my belief to grow.