Growing In Tenderness

Recently, as I was driving I was thinking about how people that claimed to be Christians did acts that blatantly went against God’s Word and character that inflicted the hurt on others. Then I started thinking about how I was just as wrong as they were because in my response to them I was blatantly going against God’s Word.

As I was going about my day reading this and that it finally came to me. For a Christian that is not displaying God it is a display of how far they have grown apart from God being the authority in their life. So even though they might do everything that displays they have this perfect relationship with Christ the truth is it is just a display. When God tried to speak to them through the Word they would reject His authority so their authority would not be overruled.

As much as I wanted to be a fan in the stands shouting, “Yes! You tell-’em God”, it was hard not to see myself in the mirror doing the exact same thing I wanted to cheer God on for showing me in others.

So instead of making sure everyone knew that I was wise and my thinking was superb, I got down on my knees with a humble heart asking God to soften my heart more to truly love like He does not to love how I think He should.

As His Word saturates my heart I find compassion springing out for others instead of a rod.