Gift of Being Anxious

How many times have you stood in anxious thoughts and you pray waiting for God to come in with his superhero cap to save you only to find yourself still standing there in your anxious thoughts? 🙋‍♀️ That is an all caps ME!!!

This weekend I realized that my on the demand prayer for God to save me like I visualized was not truly the purpose in God allowing me to have those anxious thoughts in the first place.

God is or was allowing anxious thoughts that created fear because He wanted to hold me up by His hand 👫. As we walked together. Me in prayer telling Him my burden that came with my fear. Him there strengthening as He helped me to face this fear I had as I grew in those words inscribe in what we call the Bible. This allowing me to come to a point of great faith and to trust Him more.

As I came to this realization I felt sadden for all the times I wanted to stunt my intimacy with the Creator of the universe just so my flesh would not have to suffer even though my soul was going through what my flesh was avoiding.

Today, when the anxious thoughts come I hold the true gift in the moment of what the anxious thoughts bring so I can become more of that God fearing woman I have been after for some time.